Create Higher Conversions for Clients and Grow your Agency

With LeadSigma sales automation, you can help clients turn leads into sales faster, creating a lower customer acquisition cost and driving up the effectiveness of your digital assets/campaigns. Because LeadSigma will clearly differentiate you from competitors, your existing clients will value your work more.

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Respond Faster. Close More Deals.

Customers expect the best experience from every business, including yours. LeadSigma ensures that every inbound lead gets a call immediately and helps your team know exactly when and how each follow-up action happens.

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Your Client’s Sales Process Kills Their Marketing ROI

You are an expert at getting qualified leads into your client’s hands. But your clients don’t have easy-to-use sales software to ensure immediate and consistent follow-up for their inbound leads. Without helping your clients close leads, you’re actually limiting the ROI your agency can deliver.

Respond Faster. Close More Sales.

Harvard Business Review Data shows us that waiting just one hour to contact a lead decreases the likelihood of a conversation by 10x.

Responding to leads within one minute increases conversions by 391%.

Consistent Effort Wins More Deals.

48% of converted leads are contacted after the first call attempt whereas 93% of leads are contacted by the 6th call attempt.

Consistently using multiple communication channels to follow-up with leads increases conversions by talking to the prospects on their terms.

Deliver Turn-Key Lead Response Management to Clients to Boost Conversions

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